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Other Brown Gemstones

Smoky Quartz is one of only a handful of brown colored gemstones suitable for jewelry. Of these others, only two - smoky topaz and brown diamonds - are also transparent.

Smoky Topaz

Smoky topaz is just another name for smoky quartz. However, topaz itself is a beautiful stone and comes in many more colors than the familiar blue variety.

Most people today think of topaz as a blue stone, however this gem stone is found in many additional colors, including red and pink (Imperial topaz), yellow, gold and brown. Yellow topaz is sometimes treated to produce a multihued gem called mystic topaz.

Earlier in the past century, golden shades of topaz were popular in topaz jewelry. Today it is difficult to find pieces featuring topaz colors other than blue at most retail jewelery stores. They can be found at independent fine jewelers.

Brown "Chocolate Colored" Diamonds

brown and white  diamond jewelryOnce known as just "low color stones" or "brown diamonds" and virtually ignored by the jewelry industry , brown or "champagne" colored diamonds have gained a new found popularity in designer and fashion jewelry. While the best of these diamonds are used in large carat sizes, smaller stones are well-suited to pave settings and/or as a complement to white diamonds and colored gemstones.

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Chocolate Pearls

brown chocolate tahitian pearlsNot actually a "gemstone", chocolate (brown) pearls have also been enjoying their recent return to popularity. Although some brown pearls occur naturally, the chocolate color of most of these pearls is attained either by dying or bleaching. Skillfully bleached Tahitian pearls have a most attractive bronze-brown luster.

Tiger's Eye (Tiger Eye)

tiger eye cabachonTiger eye (tiger's eye), also a form of quartz, is an opaque, semiprecious gem stone with alternating bands of golden brown color and luminescent striations, reminiscent of a tiger's coat or a cat's eye. Tiger's Eye also makes an elegant statement in rings for men.

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