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Elegant, smoky quartz jewelry is a beautiful and very affordable accent to any outfit, from dressy to casual. Smoky Quartz (along with the citrine) is the birthstone for November - makes a great gift too!

The Sultry Beauty of Smoky Quartz!

buying smokey quartz jewelryDark and mysterious, Smoky Quartz (aka Smokey Quartz) is a versatile, semi-precious gemstone enjoying new found popularity among connoisseurs of fine jewelry. Alluring in its clarity and color, smokey quartz ranges from medium brown through warm grays to a deep, brownish-black, with the darker colors being most desirable. This neutral gem goes with everything and is a perfect accompaniment to today's fashions !

Smoky Quartz is a crystal—it can be fashioned into all the traditional gem stone cuts, such as the popular emerald, cushion or princess cuts, or cut into multi-faceted briolettes for pendants, earrings and beads.. Accompanied by diamonds in a designer setting, smoky quartz exudes an unmatched dramatic elegance. For everyday casual, wear it set in silver, paired with colored semi-precious stones such as citrines or aquamarines, or throw on a playful strand of beads - gently tumbled to enhance the stone's natural beauty.

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Folklore, Legend and Healing Properties

Healing properties of smokey quartzThe smoky quartz is treasured not just for its beauty but for its purported healing properties, holding a respected spot among metaphysicists, practitioners of crystal therapy and crystal healers throughout the ages. A special form of the mineral, known as rutilated quartz, is said to have interesting properties of its own.

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What is Smoky Quartz?

Smokey Quartz - what is itSo exactly what IS smoky quartz? Where does it come from? How was it used in jewelry during other periods of history? Is it rare? Is it related to any other gemstones? We'll answer those questions and more!

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